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The magic flag above your head

We added an experimental game mode to PSL 2-4 servers.

Which mode

The mode is called arena (can be triggered with #arena if you have master status) and is similar to Last Man Standing.

How does it work ?

The team with the last man standing scores in a round.
Each round has a score limit of 5.
The team that won 2 rounds also wins the arena.

What else do I need to know

Items like weapons or GREEN and YELLOW armor spawn immediately after the players were spawned.
In CTF maps the "magic flag above your head" halves the damage any other player does to you.

Something more I need to know

We also provide a special map package (Download) for this mode starting with 1on2r (made by wahnfred and Hero)
Extract the content of this package to your Sauerbraten folder or better to your home sauerbraten folder.

Are there bugs ?

We tested this mode very often. However, if you find a bug regardless, please report it via IRC or mail