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Welcome to the ogros org homepage!

We're a group of long-term and elder sauerbraten players. For a start, maybe find out who exactly we are: here!

Visit our chat/IRC channel here 


New beginning

Dear all,

There will not be any end to ogros.org and PSL servers. The site, forum, servers and all services will continue to work as they used to work so far.

The guys from ogros clan decided to shut down, but after some talks with zero we have come to agreement that it's best if I just take over and continue with everything. After all the years, as most of you would agree, we just couldn't let ogros and PSL servers to 'die'. Since they have been serving us for so long it would be a shame to 'lose' everything that many great people worked on for all these years. Everything will be moved to new servers without any lag issues and ogros.org & PSL shall continue to exist for many more years!

Anything useful you got on mind, ideas/suggestions/constructive criticism, feel free to come up with it.


Best regards,


End of OO

Dear Community,

after many years of fun in the sauerbraten community we say good bye !!

The servers , website and forum will shutdown at the end of august.

It was a pleasure to be part of the community for a long time period and meeting so many different players.

See you



WC-NG client open sourced

WC-NG has been open sourced and is now available on GitHub: https://github.com/tpoechtrager/wc-ng
More details can be found in the Sauerworld forum: http://sauerworld.org/forum/index.php?topic=166


The ‘Dark Keepers‘ are hosting another tournament

After a thrilling eCTF cup in September there’s finally going to be some instaCTF action again.

Quick info

  • When: 26th of October, 5PM CEST
  • Mode: 3v3 instaCTF
  • Modus: best-of-3, single-elimination
  • Participation: 8 clans are invited, 4 slots are given to the public, message Fohlen on IRC if you want to participate
  • Rotation: forge, l_ctf and catch22
  • Where: /connect SC.darkkeepers.dk 10000-40000

More information can be found on their website.

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