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Welcome to the ogros org homepage!

We're a group of long-term and elder sauerbraten players. For a start, maybe find out who exactly we are: here!



Copied from Pornostar in #sauercom@gamesurge:

[13:20:11] <eihrul> btw, someone going around on coop-edit servers settings the maptitle and asking people to /do $maptitle
[13:20:26] <eihrul> notice this allows them to stick arbitrary code in there and /do $maptitle makes you execute it
[13:20:28] <eihrul> ... so don't
[13:20:49] <eihrul> can be used to read autoexec.cfg or other things

Conclussion: don't copy & paste anything ingame if you have no idea what the code is doing!


Solved: Temporary email problems (latest update: 2014-06-21)

As some of you maybe already noticed there seems to be an issue with our email server not sending a single mail at the moment. If you want to register an ingame or forum account: just join our IRC channel and contact greenadiss or me (Rosine) so we can add your account by hand.

We will update this post as soon as the problem got fixed.

2014-06-05: The good news is that the mail server got fixed by wahnfred. The bad news is that we have little problems with at least gmail and hotmail as they don't like our mail server at the moment. So if you want to register a ingame or forum nick: don't use those services.

2014-06-21: All problems seem to be solved: Gmail and Hotmail stopped blocking our email server. If you still miss mails by ogros.org: have a look in your spam folder.


Dark Keepers Sauerbraten Championship

This month the Dark Keepers team is running a new tournament called "Dark Keepers Sauerbraten Championship". For their lineup either ctf and ffa will be played, further the games are held in double-elimination brackets and can be played at any times. Head over their website (sc.darkkeepers.dk) for more information.


PSL maintenance

On sunday (14-01-19), the PSL servers won't be reachable or unstable due to maintenance from 8.00 till 12.00 UTC.

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