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by [id-X]
12.09.2013, 18:44
Forum: Cube 2 Board
Topic: WC Release [r931 / 2013-09-30]
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Re: WC Release [r860 / 13/09/11]

finally, gj Thomas/Wahnfred
by [id-X]
18.01.2013, 09:23
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Topic: |SK| mumble section
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Re: |SK| mumble section

i'm not quite sure if i'm on the right track here Berk,... i see that scoreboard is
sortable by name, frags, etc... perhaps wahnfred could just make the Country
Flags (which are actually the 2 Character Country-Code) also sortable, thereby
creating a pseudo Country-Sort Column...
by [id-X]
14.12.2012, 09:49
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Topic: Simple IRC Bot
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Re: Simple IRC Bot

StrikenStar wrote:Colloquy is the one me and Rexus use :)
that's an IRC Client StrikenStar .... Night_Hawk was enquiring about an IRC Bot for the IRC Channel :)